• Estrella Aquino

Need inspiration for your next photoshoot? I got you!

Don't worry, today I'll be giving you some simple tips I use whenever I find myself in this situacion.

Let´s do it:

1. Be receptive of your surroundings:

Pay attention to everything near you; a simple conversation with someone, some of the sound your constantly hearing or even menial tasks you do in your day to day life could be a catalyst for your mind to come up with the greatest idea ever. Remember, brainstorming by yourself or with other people could get you out of your creative block.

2. Do research:

Look into different times in history, study other cultures, read some books, watch a lot of movies and delve into any detail that caught your eye.

3. Social media - The biggest ally:

Nowadays, any type of information is just one click away. You can always go into social media for inspiration, Instagram and Pinterest are the best options in my opinion.

4. Get inspired by other artists’ works:

I'm not saying copy other artists' works, draw inspiration from them. You can see what I mean with these pictures, the poses are similar but different background and styling give each piece a new vibe.

5. Let your imagination run free:

You won't believe what your mind can devise when it's set free. Don't limit yourself, everything is possible!

6. Always carry a notebook:

It doesn't seem like much, but ideas could come up at random moments, write them down. An alternative could be to note then down on your smartphone.

7. Don't throw away any idea:

Even if you think the idea isn't the best; once you start developing it, the end result could be the greatest work you've ever done.

8. Relax:

Lastly, breath! Art takes time so don't force things into happening, you could end up with a piece you absolutely hate. And when you feel like everything is falling into place, don't lose out on it.

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